Best beaches in Sivota

8 Aug, 2023 | Beaches in Sivota

In this blogpost we will discover some of the best beaches in Sivota, a place of extraordinary beauty. Sivota has been gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to improved road connections that make it easily accessible for everyone. The beaches in Sivota resemble the stunning Caribbean landscapes, where the lush green surroundings meet the deep blue sea. With its intricate coastline and three nearby islands, Sivota offers a heavenly view. The small bays formed by these islands create some of the best beaches in Sivota, that cater to all tastes. Despite its compact size, Sivota’s beaches are wonderfully diverse. Thus, ensuring that every visitor, regardless of their preferences, will find something to enjoy in this charming spot. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or excitement, Sivota’s coastline has something special for everyone.

Mega Ammos beach in Sivota

Mega Ammos, one of the best beaches in Sivota, is also known as Megali Ammos. It is is a unique shoreline with small pebbles and serene blue-green waters. Earning its name due to its significant size, Mega Ammos is actually the largest beach in Sivota. Situated on your way from the village of Perdika towards Sivota, Mega Ammos is just after Mikri Ammos beach. Its vibrancy spans the entire summer season, drawing young people, as also families with children.

The ongoing development of Mega Ammos infrastructure is quite apparent and in recent years. There has been significant progress towards its enhancement. Some well-appointed venues grace Mega Ammos, each tended to cater to the needs of its visitors. Those businesses offer a perfect blend of gastronomic satisfaction with their restaurants, beach bars, Greek traditional taverns and refreshments. In addition, the beach offers many amenities such as umbrellas with sunbeds. At times, the invigorating currents bring cold waters that you can feel on your feet! These changes of temperature, elevates the beach’s appeal on warm days.

Blue flag certification

Mega Ammos is one of the top beaches in Sivota, thus it has been awarded the esteemed Blue Flag distinction many years. The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) presents the Blue Flag certification to acknowledge the alignment of beaches with their rigorous benchmarks. Moreover, this iconic emblem, the Blue Flag, stands as a proprietary trademark under the stewardship of FEE. Notably, FEE operates as a non-profit, non-governmental entity, fostering collaboration among 65 organizations spanning 77 member nations.

The multifaceted criteria delineated by FEE’s Blue Flag encompass dimensions of quality, safety, environmental education, informational outreach, service provisions, and holistic environmental management benchmarks. Annually, certificates, bearing the appellation of awards, are bestowed upon beaches within FEE’s expansive network of member countries. Within the European Union, it’s imperative to underscore that the rigorous water quality standards find integration within the EC Water Framework Directive, a testament to the comprehensive integration of environmental standards within broader legislative frameworks. This harmonious integration ensures that the pursuit of environmental excellence is intertwined with regulatory efforts, fostering a holistic approach to safeguarding our natural resources.

Mikri Ammos beach in Sivota

Mikri Ammos is also one of the most amazing beaches in Sivota and is a little haven with clear, inviting waters. This coastal retreat features a blend of smooth pebbles and soft sands, situated just after Megali Ammos beach. What sets this spot apart is its well-organized layout, providing all the essentials for a perfect day by the shore. This beach has many food and drink options, umbrellas and sunbeds. It combines these conveniences with the tasty drinks and the harmonious tunes flowing from the beach bar.

This distinctive fusion has made Mikri Ammos a hotspot for the young crowd. It offers a space to enjoy your coffee, cool beverages and cocktails. The vibrant energy of Mikri Ammos is often showcased through lively parties accompanied by lively music, sometimes stretching into the early morning hours. The atmosphere is tailored to cater to various tastes, ensuring every visitor finds contentment. Exploring Mikri Ammos beach not only treats you to breathtaking vistas but also allows you to forge an enduring connection with the sea, a memory etched into your heart. Amidst the gentle rhythm of waves and the inviting stretch of sand, you’ll find a tranquil refuge that invites you to unwind, seize the moment, and create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Bella Vraka beach, Sivota

When discussing the top three beaches in Sivota, Bella Vraka is an absolute must to mention! This beach is the best example, of how mainland Greece can often resemble an exotic getaway. With its pink sandy shores and blue green waters, it has the power to capture your heart instantly. Furthermore, exploring the origin of its name, we find that “Bella” comes from the Italian word for beautiful. “Vraka,” on the other hand, might have connections to the related clothe that needed pulling up to access the beach. An other explanation is that it could originate from the Croatian “Vraca,” meaning return. It’s possible that the name signifies a return to beauty, as many words from Istria and Dalmatia in Italy were adopted, following the path of Venetian influence.

Bella Vraka is a paradise on Earth, deserving of a visit at least once in a lifetime. This beach forms a connection between Sivota and the islet of Mourtemeno. To reach to the beach, you literally walk through the sea, commencing from Sivota and arriving at the opposite islet where the bulk of the beach is located. This implies that packing light is ideal, considering you’ll need to carry your belongings back as well. The moment this breathtaking view comes into sight, enchantment is almost inevitable.

The status of Bela Vraka as one of the best beaches in Sivota isn’t by chance. Vacationers in Sivota or Parga often receive enthusiastic recommendations from locals to venture to Bela Vraka. And the reality is, they never get disappointed. While Bella Vraka’s amenities may not rival those of organized beaches, who truly longs for pricey sunbeds and beach umbrellas? Ultimately, visitors appear to embrace a more natural vacation approach, seeking solace away from the intense beach bars that can disrupt relaxation. For those who decide to venture here, it’s wise to bring mats, and the natural shade offered by trees provides a refreshing reprieve from the relentless sun. Whether you’re enjoying a vacation in Parga or Sivota, a visit to Bela Vraka is an experience that should definitely find a spot on your itinerary.