Terms and Conditions. Personal data privacy policy.

Personal data

Great Rentals has the right to maintain archives and to process personal data of the visitors of this website, in the amount that is required for its proper function and development. It also has the right to use them for advertising purposes. The main reason that we ask for your personal information is for the purpose of the administration of your online bookings and the optimal service quality for our guests. We also use your personal information to get in contact with you and let you know about news and special offers. Moreover, for security reasons, we collect data from your devices, like the IP address, the browser and the language you use.

Service providers – third parties

We can use service providers for the processing of your personal data on our behalf. This processing is done for various reasons, including the mailing of publicity material. The service providers and third parties used are bound by confidentiality agreements and they are not allowed to use your personal data for any other reason. Under the European legislation on the protection of personal data, we use approved methods for the prevention of unauthorized access and the unlawful use of your personal data. The user of this site maintains the right to be informed or even to be opposed to further processing of his/her personal data under Article 13 of Law 2472/97 of the Hellenic Republic, regarding the protection of personal data. During any time, you, the user, have the right to exercise all your rights regarding the processing of your personal data that the Law of the Hellenic Republic gives you, by sending a request via the “Contact Us” form.

Cookies Policy

“Cookies” is the name given to small text information files that are used by the browsers and help the optimal function of a website, by allowing it to recognize the preferences of a specific user, every time they visit that website. In great-rentals.gr, the following types of cookies are maintained:

Functionality cookies:

Allow the website’s normal function

Advertising cookies:

Allow the appearance of personalized ads in other websites or applications, based on your actions on connected computers and devices.

Preference cookies:

Allow the appearance of content personalized for the specific user. Statistics cookies: Measuring user traffic and behaviour on the website.