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Rent a boat in Sivota is the best way to discover all the hidden treasures, that you can’t approach by car or on foot. Visit the most unique sandy beaches and natural bays with one of our boats. You can choose among small motor boats that license is not required, sailboats & speedboats if you have a license, or with a professional skipper, motor yachts and catamarans. You can plan a full day cruise to Blue Lagoon or just rent a small motor boat for a half day cruise around the small islets of Agios Nikolaos, Mourtomenos, and Bella Vraka. Explore the islet complex and visit its outstanding isolated beaches and turquoise waters.

Our small motor boats can be rented for 8 or 4 hours and have a maximum capacity of four passengers. All the beaches of the islets are not organized, so it is better to be equipped with water, food and other necessary things. For those who love long cruises, they can rent a catamaran or even a yacht for island hopping in the Ionian sea. Great Rentals guarantee the most unforgettable experience, with your family or friends.

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FAQ about boat hire in Sivota

Is it easy to rent a boat in Sivota?

Renting a boat in Sivota from Great Rentals is a really easy procedure. Just fill in the form with your contact details, choose the type o boat you need, add any aditional information on the message section and a member of our stuff will contact you as son as possible. The process is quick and convenient and in just a few clicks, you’will be ready to explore Sivota’s islets and hidden beaches.

What documents do I need to rent a boat in Sivota?

To rent a boat in Sivota, you will need your passport or your ID card, a valid driver’s license, and a credit card for the payment. All these documents are essential for a smooth rental process.

Can I book a specific boat model in advance?

While we can’t guarantee a specific model, our fleet offers a wide range of different types and sizes, from small motorboats to spacious yachts.

Is there a skipper option?

We offer the option to include a skipper with your rental. Our prfessionals know the waters around Sivota like the back of their hand, so you can sit back and relax, while having a safe and enjoyable voyage.

What types of boats are available for rent in Sivota?

We offer a wide variety of boats to suit your needs. From small motorboats that don’t require a license to sailboats, speedboats, and even luxury yachts.

Can I rent a boat if i dont have experience?

Yes you can rent the smal motorboats without license! If you plan to operate a boat with an engine more powerful than 30 horsepower, you’ll need a valid speedboat license.

Can I rent a boat for just a few hours?

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose from just a few hours to full-day rentals. It depends from the type of boat you want to rent.

Are life jackets provided with the boat rental?

Yes, safety first! We provide life jackets for all passengers and we ensure that all safety measures are in place.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on the boat?

Yes, feel free to bring along your favorite foods, snacks and beverages.

What's the procedure for returning the rental boat?

Returning your rental boat is a straightforward procedure. Just bring the boat back to the designated drop-off location on the date and time you agreed. Our team will make a fast inspection to ensure everything is ok, and you’ll be on your way.

Can I rent a boat in Sivota for special occasions?

Yes, renting a boat in Sivota is a fantastic way to celebrate birthdays, anniversarys or just a day of fun with friends! Our boats provide the perfect setting for a memorable event.

Are there any age restrictions for renting a boat in Sivota?

To rent a boat in Sivota, you must be at least 18 years old.

What if I encounter a problem with the boat during my rental period?

If you experience any problem, contact our customer support and we’ll provide assistance as soon as possible.

What's the best time of year to rent a boat in Sivota?

The best time to rent a boat in Sivota is from May to September, where the weather is warm and stable.

Why to rent a boat in Sivota

Rent a boat in Sivota and explore its coastline

Rent a boat in Sivota, and experience a unique adventure along the stunning coastline. We guarantee that you will be amazed by the natural beauty of the area. You will discover some spectacular landscapes, such as hidden coves, rugged cliffs, turquoise waters and pristine beaches accessible only by boat. Finally, you can anchor your boat to swim in secluded bays or just relax and sunbathe on your boat.


Exclusivity & privacy

When you rent a boat in Sivota, you can avoid the crowds and be able to discover all the secluded spots of the area. Find all the hidden treasures of Sivota and enjoy the tranquility of its untouched beaches. Explore Sivota’s coastline and islets at your own pace, away from the crowded tourist areas. Feel the freedom that a boat rental can offer and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of the area. This is your oportunity to create unforgettable memories in your own personal paradise.


Flexibility & customization

One more advantage of boat rental in Sivota is the flexibility it offers for planning your itinerary. A rented boat allows you to have the freedom to decide where you want to go, how long you want to stay, and also choose the activities you want to do. Create your own personalized experience and ensure that every moment of the day is tailored to your desires.

Boat rentals to access remote islands

Renting a boat in Sivota provides access to all the islands scattered throughout the region’s archipelago. These islands are often untouched by crowds and each one of them has its own unique charm. You can visit Paxous and its picturesque villages, or sail to Antipaxous and its unique beaches with turquoise waters. Experience the true essence of the Ionian Sea and be the captain of your own adventure.


The crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea are ideal for snorkeling opportunities. You can anchor your boat, dive in the water and explore its underwater world. Sivota offers amazing underwater treasures to discover. Grab your snorkeling gear and experience its fascinating marine life, and hidden caves. Sivota’s waters are ideal for experienced and beginner snorkelers, as also a great chance to connect with nature and gain a deeper appreciation of the marine environment.

Fishing opportunities

Renting a boat in Sivota is the ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts that want to feel the thrill of catching fresh seafood. Sivota is renowned for its rich fishing grounds and its big variety of fish species. Find the perfect fishing spot and take in the scenic beauty of the area while you wait for the fish to bite.

Rent a boat for the most romantic getaways

Rent a boat in Sivota and create unforgettable memories for you and your partner, amidst the amazing natural beauty of the Greek Riviera. Cruise its turquoise waters, as the sun sets over the horizon and embrace moments of pure romance. Enjoy local delicacies on board, while drinking a glass of champagne to celebrate your love.

Whether you are celebrating your honeymoon, your anniversary, or you simply want a romantic getaway, renting a boat is the ideal choice to create unique moments with your parnter.